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Zwaardspel op Facebook

1 day ago

This was a great day get my butt kicked by the wepslinger!!!!

Getting things ready for another Ninja vs Spiderman!! Z-spel show down!!
We're wick excited about this party!!

3 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

Happy Kingsday!!!!
I'm soo happy with this Kingsday find 5 swords for 10 bucks !!!!

1 month ago
Steampunk Tendencies

Would make a good combo with Stormtrooper marshmallows..on a stick

Death star fire pit

1 month ago

I love the fun stylized fights in film and of course the actual martial arts they borrow from.
Great that this film inspires and promotes awareness of Historical African Martial Arts! ... See more

Here’s to more diversity in historical martial arts.

1 month ago
De Viral Fabriek | Quinsding & The Cool the Sad and the Sparkly

You know Egon, meet the kids!!
They are in a new show on Nickelodeon 'De Viral Fabriek'!!
Follow Moritz, Charley and Lucy on an interdimensional journey through the washing machine!!! and give them ... See more

Deze video is gemaakt door "The Cool, The Sad and The Sparkly en hun coach Quinty! Ze zijn gek, chaotisch en ontzettend creatief! Ze hebben keihard gewerkt o...

2 months ago

"Kids are Scientists", "Let Kids Be Kids"

From trouble-maker to problem-solver: this is why you should let your kids destroy the house.

Speaker: Neil deGrasse Tyson for the Space Foundation

2 months ago
Timeline Photos

Hey teachers of the world..
We Love You!!!

2 months ago
How 'Black Panther' changed everything for Sandra Bullock and her kids.

For parents of children of color, 'Black Panther' is much more than a movie.

2 months ago
Photos from Zwaardspel's post

Re-loading the cookie tin! !!
About to run out and have some fun!

2 months ago
Star Wars Logic

I almost peed a little there... good stuff!!

Chewbacca is everywhere!

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