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4 days ago

"Kids are Scientists", "Let Kids Be Kids"

From trouble-maker to problem-solver: this is why you should let your kids destroy the house.

Speaker: Neil deGrasse Tyson for the Space Foundation

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

Hey teachers of the world..
We Love You!!!

2 weeks ago
How 'Black Panther' changed everything for Sandra Bullock and her kids.

For parents of children of color, 'Black Panther' is much more than a movie.

3 weeks ago
Photos from Zwaardspel's post

Re-loading the cookie tin! !!
About to run out and have some fun!

3 weeks ago
Star Wars Logic

I almost peed a little there... good stuff!!

Chewbacca is everywhere!

1 month ago
the Scared is scared

"Scared is scared of the things you like"

I asked a six year old what my movie should be about, and this is what he told me. You can see more work on my webpage: www.biancagiaever.com If you liked…

1 month ago
Timeline Photos

Getting ready for a Pirate Birthday in Purmerend. .. (I may have spelled that wrong...)
Will be great! We have been practising our Pirate fight all week so I have had a wonderful excuse to ride the ... See more

1 month ago
Occii Kinderpret

This is such a fun course with these kids!!!
These pictures are from week 2, Fight like a Pirate!
We covered a lot and they rocked it!!

1 month ago

This was a wonderful party from one of our best friends!!
Also it was the first time we did a Spiderman vs Villain theme.
It was great learning a hand to hand combat sequence and performing it for ... See more

Yes! de boef is overmeesterd (je ziet nog net z'n schoenen)

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